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We excite people about what they do, help them identify where they are off track and give them the tools to get to where they want to be. As a consequence, our clients make more money and have less stress. If you have not actively marketed your practice in the past we thank you for visiting our site to take a look at some of the possibilities. If you have promoted your practice and consciously managed your brand, we would be glad to help you go even further. 


Imaging Marketing has years of experience working with new as well as established imaging centers. We also work with dental specialists and general dentists who offering imaging. We can help at every step of the way, from launching a new imaging center to taking an existing business to a higher level.  Because of our extensive experience working in the dental field, Imaging Marketing offers powerful marketing and business instruments like no other company can. From advertising and direct mail to web development and business solutions, Imaging Marketing has what you need to grow your practice, increase revenue, and improve long-term practice value.  If you do imaging, you need Imaging Marketing.

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Eugene Magazine

The Religious Press Publications




 Cottage Grove Sentinel



Professional Dental Publications

Sulliven Schein Sidekick

Doctor of Dentistry Magazine

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105.3 KDUK


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Drucker Marketing Club at the Drucker School of Management
Society for Neuroeconomics
Society for Social Neuroscience