Case of the Month Marketing Campaign

One of the challenges i-CAT owners face is getting their referring doctors to understand and implement cone-beam volumetric tomography into their flow of patient care. Understandably, in-office CT scanners are a big leap forward in terms of complexity and detail, and some dental professionals are reluctant to stop using what's they have used since they graduated from dental school.

The best way to bring about change is to make repeated and memorable impressions. This is intelligent dental marketing of the best type.

Given that doctors' time is scarce we developed the Case of the Month referring doctor marketing campaign to be read and understood quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Yes. We can help every practice regardless of the brand of 3-D imaging equipment you own.

Answer: No. We offer exclusivity for our clients within their referral zones. This means that your campaign is customized to your practice as well as being novel and new to your referring doctors; no other imaging center will be able to purchase the campaign, so be sure to be the first in your area.

Answer: We can produce mail-ready campaigns in less than three weeks. If the template is approved quickly you can receive your campaign in approximately two weeks.

Answer: Yes. We offer a digital version that you can send to your referring doctors. An advantage of email campaigns, the digital Case of the Month will drive traffic to your website as well as increase the use of online referrals. If you've been waiting for a good excuse to get email addresses from your referring doctors, this is the perfect opportunity and we can help you. With the increased popularity of email campaigns, the digital version will do everything the print version does, but also open the door to communicating with your referring doctors in new ways.

Answer: Yes and no. The visual style of the campaign is designed according to your practice's brand identity. This customization gives the appearance that it was produced by your practice rather than a "cookie-cutter" template. The content is professionally written and edited copy with high-quality clinical images depicting actual patients' treatment. So in this respect, this aspect is not customized. However, we can produce cases from your practice! Contact us if you have interesting cases you'd like to produce for your campaign!

Answer: Yes. Clients report increases in both the quantity of referrals from existing referring doctors as well as new referring doctors who start referring after receiving the Case of the Month. We know that referring doctors read it because of the stories we hear from clients. For example, an imaging center in Silicon Valley that has not received a single referral for wisdom teeth imaging in 15 years of working with a particular oral surgeon received both a telephone call and a referral following the mailing of a Case of the Month featuring a wisdom teeth patient. Another client reported that one of his referring doctors posts each Case of the Month on his break room door and makes every one of his hygienists, assistants and front office team members read and initial each one. Another reported that their referring doctors have called and asked for copies of the Case of the Month to hand out to their patients. We know referring doctors read the Case of the Month, that they take the content seriously and that it changes their behavior. In short, it works.